None yet, but will be 500 monthly once the traffic is sufficient. It is a new chat so it depends on how things will develop.

When you quit the job, you can not re-apply for 3 months. If you can't work for 7 days or more, you must take a leave. Just staying away will be seen as quitting the job.

A leave is always only in full weeks, so 7 days, 14, 21 or 28.
These rules for the minimum requirement, a one month block with no guarantees, the rolled over payments, it may all seem a little too strict to you.
But this is also because this company has very simple rules for taking a leave. You can always take a leave, with a one week minimum and a four weeks maximum at any given time, no matter the reason (i.e. study, vacation, sick and so on) but with one important requirement: you inform the company up front (exams, vacation) or right away (sick) and never after. This is not only important to us, but also for you as you will have a job guarantee, once you are back, you can start working again right away. If you don't your account will be deactivated for at least one month.
You are an adult professional worker, you are supposed to know how much time you will be needing for your study or when you are too sick to work.
If you are not sure for how long (for instance when sick), you simply ask for a one week leave first and then inform the company before the week ends, you need to extend it with one week. You can do that up until a maximum of 4 weeks in a row.

We hire you as a creative writer, you are supposed to be able to follow the 'story line' of any conversation and write good replies in decent German (grammar, syntax, spelling). You are also supposed to be able to do basic tasks that are required by any company (like logging basic notes). You will get a link to a test first, to see what your general level is. If that is good enough to work with, you will get an intake and training.
If your account is closed for bad quality, making the same mistakes over and over again, ignorance (answering minors, not noticing your client is a woman) or lots of typo's, they will not rehire you again. There are no second chances. If you are able to do better, you should have done better right from the start.

Monthly, graduated scale (calendar month)
Earnings per message:

0 - 500 messages


8 euro cent

501 - 1000 messages

9 euro cent

1001 - 2000 messages

10 euro cent

2001 - 3000 messages

11 euro cent

3001 - 4000 messages

12 euro cent

4001 - 5000 messages

13 euro cent

5001 or more messages

14 euro cent

Pokes & Free (trial) messages

8 euro cent

Weekend bonus: no
Evening / night bonus: no
Monthly bonus: not yet, maybe later

Paying party: LAMR.
Period: monthly, first week of the month.
Minimum for pay out: 100 euro (if you have less it will be rolled over to the next month).
Invoice: monthly.
Minimum for pay out (if you either quit the job or get fired): 35 euro (IBAN)
In case you work more chats through our company, you will receive a separated invoice for each chat, but the payment will be as one (so you won't have double transfer costs).

FAQ about identification, banking and costs, check our information pages in the menu 'INFO'.