Very busy site, lot of traffic from several countries (AUS, UK, CAN, USA and more) so 24/7 available and busy around the clock.

Earnings up to and including 15 euro cent a message (graduated scale).

Pokes: fixed rate of 10 euro cents a message.

Same rate for people from all countries, there is only one kind of operator: a good one.

Minimum requirement: 1000 messages monthly (calendar month).

Important: the minimum requirement is a hard requirement, this company only wants free lancers who can do at least the minimum and is not interested in people who say they can, but don't. Your account will be deactivated.

Status: applying not available ath the moment, we have enough applicants

We seldom recruit for this company due to the relatively high pay regardless of the country of origin. Because of this we get many applications, so even when applying is available, it usually is only for one week. All applicants get a link to the test form, all these tests need to be reviewed, the suitable candidates will get an intake and training and their accounts will be set up in advance until the company needs extra people in. So only when we get to the end of the applicants list, hiring will be made available again.

CE4 Chat Engine

This will be the operator texting division for the CE4 promoting project.
Status: in preparation, available soon (should be availble before the end of 2021).

OCC Chat

Operator texting division for the OCC promoting project.
Status: not yet available in English, only in Dutch. English will be added, but when is still unknown at this moment.