To apply you need to be a native German speaker, either from Germany or Austria.
Until the test page is ready you can apply to:

We will be needing the following details:

A copy of a valid official ID
Your full IBAN and BIC code
Your name (exaxctly as known to your bank)
Regular bank accounts, or e-bank accounts like WISE or BITSAFE (as long as you have the option to receive euro payments from a regular Dutch bank).
Bank account must be in the same name as your ID.
In case you have a bank account outside the EU, we need your full name, address, city, zip code as known to your bank.

If you are a native from German or Austria, but you live in a country outside the EU, you can only apply
- with an valid ID from Germany or Austria in combination with a German or Austrian address
- with a local valid ID and address of the country you live in which proves you are legally residing there and permitted to work

We do not hire groups or studio's, we do work with hiring agenst, but only once the traffic is sufficient and we will advertise this through our website.


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