Due to the high number of people applying for work in English, we do not hire through this website anymore (for English work). In stead we ONLY hire through our FB group page.  
It is impossible for us to process all applicants, keeping a list, or even reply we are not hiring. We simply get too many requests. You find the link to our FB group down below, but please read everything first.

On our FB page we will post a link when we are hiring. The link will take you to a form, where you can fill in your details (name skype address and so on). That's all. It is just a first step.
But there are some things you need to know:

1. We only advertise for 10 to 25 applicants at a time.
2. Hiring links can be posted any time of day, any day of the week. It will vary, there is no pattern.
3. You will have a very short window to react. A link for 10 applicants will already be closed after 10 minutes, because we close it immediately once ten people have applied.
4. Every time we hire it will be through a NEW link. So saving the link, sharing it or reposting it, is of no use whatsoever.
5. You missed out, you just wait for the next chance. There is NO other way.
6. We hire worldwide, but it is possible we place a hiring link for 10 people, Asia only. Or 15 Jamaican/Caribbean. Or 20 African/European. This is because we need coverage for companies running 24/7 traffic from multiple countries/timezones.
7. We have a set time in which we process the applicants. Once done we close the group, we do not wait. So do not reply when:
- You really want a job, but you can't start right now, because you have exams or something like that.
- You don't have a working laptop/desktop, internet, modem, power line and so on. We do NOT hire phone users.
- You are not from the region we advertised for.
- You don't have a valid nationwide ID
- You don't have a valid, active bank account in your own name
- You don't have time to take a test
- You don't have time to do an intake when you've passed that test.
in other words make sure you have everything in order and ready for a quick and smooth completion of the whole process. If not, that means back to the FB group for you, to wait for the next chance.
Warning: an account with a company is a personal job. Never sell, share or rent your account. Also companies have rules, like when you don't complete the required monthly target or you stay away for 7 days or more without any notifcation (up front or right away, not after), your account will be closed.
Next to that an account is not meant for making fast bucks. You need to do a proper job, there are quality checks all the time.
There are thousands of people who want to work (literally). We only hire, 10, 15 or 25 at a time through FB and your time window to react is 10 to 30 minutes the most. So it is very hard to get in. The competition is killing. You lose your acount, it is back to FB for your next chance. You might get lucky and make it back in fast, or it might take you 6 months....

Here is the FB group:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/513484297198273click the link!

See you there!