Worldwide, bank only.

Pay is 10 euro cents a message, flat rate.
Minimum for pay out is 100 euro. International transfer costs: 7 euro, administration costs: 1 euro (monthly). Please note most international transfers worldwide are done via an intermediary bank. Also your bank will have its own fee. Ask your bank!
If you quit or lose your account for quality reasons, amounts below 35 euro will not be paid. Not because the company wants your money, but because some countries have high banking costs, that combined with the 7 euro transfer fee makes transfering smaller amounts useless.

Only eligible to native Czech speaking operators.

The required minimum is 50 messages weekly, so no pressure. Then again, this is meant for when you are having a busy week, your goal should be making 1000 tot 2000 messages monthly!

Of course it can happen you can't work, for instance when you are going on a holiday. The maximum for that is 4 weeks (1 month) and you must inform us up front. We do not accept notifications afterwards (like "I could not work last week because I was sick, I am counting on your understanding").
This is free lance work, you don't or can't do the minimum without notifying your coach, before the week has started, your account will be closed. A week is Monday - Sunday, reporting that you are sick on Friday and won't make it is therefore not accepted. When you lost your account, you can report back to your coach, if you want to start again, but youpossible may need to wait a month before you can get a new account.
A working laptop or PC and modem, good internet and stable power are assets to working any online job and are always your own responsibility. You can never use this as an excuse for not being able to work.

Weekend bonus: No

Night bonus: No


Paying agent: WOW
Minimum for payment: 100 euro (monthly, if you have less, it will be rolled over to the next month).
Pay date: around the fifth of each month.
Quitting: When you quit the job or get fired, amounts below euro 35 will not be paid.
Disappearing: When you just disappear and quit working without notifying us and/or delete the manager, supervisors or other people you need to stay in contact with, there will be a penalty of euro 25.


You need to process at least 50 messages each week. So no stress, but of course your goal should be to do way more. The 50 minimum is only to keep your account in case you have a busy week.


DNS requires an average quality. That means you are not supposed to deliver flawless work. But there is a limit to the number of mistakes you can make of course. If we get feedback from the company, we will discuss it with you.


If you wait for too long answering a message, the system will log you out.


People sleep, work eat and live. Best time time to work is always evenings and early night . That does not mean there is nothing to do the rest the day. All traffic is from the Czech Republic.


Always inform your coach that you want to quit the job! If you are so unprofessional that you just stay away and don't show anymore and/or simply delete everyone from skype, we will pay you with the same respect and mark your invoice as non payable.

If you would like to unsubscribe temporarily (for instance because you want to go on a holiday, you need time to prepare your exams and so on), please make sure you inform the company up front and in time.


Use the button to sign up. All fields are required, if you fail to fill in a field, you will not be able to submit the form. Your form is your job application. It will be forwarded by us to the relevant company.

As soon as we receive the form, one f our coaches will contact you. We will do so by e-mail or skype, so please make sure you enter your correct addresses.  

Depending on the settings in your e-mail account, our e-mail may also end up in your spam box. So keep an eye on that. If you have not received a reaction within a week, please send an email to wow@worldonlinework.net.

If you are hired, the following conditions apply:

  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You have an active bank account in your own name. (Bank accounts in someone elses name will not be accepted. Registering with a fake name therefore will make your application invalid).
  • You have a valid and official ID (such as a passport, driver's license or ID card) which at least states your name and date of birth.
  • You have a Skype account (not necessary for the work itself, but to stay in contact with the manager, supervisors and so on. You will only need the messenger function of Skype, you will never be asked to call or cam).

If you do not meet these conditions, registering is of no use.

The hiring for this company goes through one of our coaches. If you are not sure someone is allowed to hire for us, please send an email to wow@worldonlinework.net.


Yes you can, but not right away, there must at least be one month in between. Whether or not you are hired, may be due to a number of factors.

Also, we offer work from multiple companies. So if you are not hired, you can always try one of the other companies.


This is freelance work. This means that you are always responsible for declaring your income with the tax authorities in your country.

You are not in permanent employment and the company therefore does not issue employer statements.

To be able to do this work properly, you obviously need to have access to a number of things such as a properly working laptop or desktop PC with accessories, a stable and not too slow internet connection, a properly working modem and a reliable power supply.

These are required tools for the job, the failure of these things can never be used as an excuse for not doing your job.

You are also expected to have a healthy dose of self-knowledge. If you take on work, then you also have time for it. It is a job, you have to plan it. Other things you have to do in your life, you plan around your scheduled hours.

Freelance or not, it's real work at a real company and you get paid for it in real money. This implies that you follow the rules, which you agree to when you take on the job.