This chat will go live on february 17th 2020. At first only with people who have a background with things like runes, dream interpretation, astrology, tarot decks, medium and so on. Later on we will be able to add people with a different background as well, such as psychology, sociology, philosophy and wisdom of life. So all sorts of life coaches.

PCC UK will be a serious chat. No keeping people on a leash but serious service for people that need help.
Therefore you really need to have experience in one and preferably more of the above mentioned.
Applications containing reactions like "I am a freshman, but a fast learner" or "I have no experience yet, but I am interested" will not be forwarded to the hiring company.

Right now only the chat option is available, more options will be added later, like full readings. For now the work is fully non rota.
Traffic is 100% dedicated, meaning as long as you don't log out of the system, you keep yur own clients.
Minimum character lenght a message is 160, maximum is set to 1250, so you will be able to place a full tarot card explanation for instance if needed.
We have a third party option available to place images online (such as your own tarot card deck images), so you can copy the link into your message.

If you too want to offer your services in a safe environment, please sign up using the form below and aswer the questions.



PCC UK has traffic from multiple countries. Please keep in mind there can be differences between the countries, both in languages as in culture.

The work is free lance. Reporting you arenings to your local tax authorities is your own responsibility.

Since it is no permanent employment, the company is not able to provied you with an employer's statement.

To be able to do this job, of course you will be needing a good working PC or laptop, internet, modem and power and this is always your own responsibility.

Same goes for planning your time. If you take on a job, you are responsible for being to do that job and your planning.

It is free lance, if you can't work, there is no agreement. Of course we can put an account on hold if you go ona holiday or something (maximum of 4 weeks) but we never accept reasons you come up with after (like "I could not work last week because I was sick). It can result in closing your account.