ALOHA will soon launch their new project to give you the opportunity to promote your own created and written website profiles. Aloha is a joint venture of a number of parties in this field, operating various sites.
The difference is that these new sites will be promoted manually, which means that you can join in to make money as a single person or with your own team.
However, you need to have experience with handbased promoting, or join forces with someone who has, because Aloha will not be giving any training courses.

The work consists of creating / writing profiles independently and subsequently promoting them yourself via the internet, so that you will generate traffic for the website (s) with these profiles. This sounds easier than it is. You need to know your way around the internet, where and how to promote the profile(s), how to present your profile(s), your first reaction via e-mail, keeping track of the different advertisements and profiles and so on. Just having experience as an operator is not enough. Writing a profile is one thing, but promoting via the internet really is something else. You need to be good at both. It will take you some time and sometimes a lot of patience to set it up properly, but once you have it up and running... will give you something in return: 20 euro cents a message on all your incoming traffic on your profile(s). If you manage to attract some good clients who will contact your profile(s) every single day, it is time to cash in!

Aloha will launch sites for multiple countries, such as UK, Canada, USA and Australia. Promoting will also be made available for countries with other languages, such as Dutch and Spanish. You will find these options via the country pages in the website menu.

Unfortunately we are not able to tell you yet when these sites will become available. They are still preparing everything. But don't let that keep you from signing up using the form below, so we can inform you as soon as more information becomes available!