Sorry no hiring at the moment, we have enough applicants and will clear the list first.
Check back every now and then to see if hiring is available again, thank you.


Worldwide, bank only.

0 - 500 messages


08 euro cent per message

501 - 1000 messages

09 euro cent per message

1001 - 2000 messages

11 euro cent per message

2001 - 3000 messages

12 euro cent per message

3001 - 4000 messages

13 euro cent per message

4001 - 5000 messages

14 euro cent per message

5001+ messages

15 euro cent per message


10 euro cent per message

Weekend bonus: No

Night bonus: No

But on top of the already high earnings ABChat has a monthly bonus system for best performing operators (both in quality and quantity, top 5 for live queue + pokes (up to 75 euro extra) and a small bonus if you were top 3 in just one of them. Requirements for bonus are 250* pokes and 1250* live queue at least.
*Numbers can change.

Pokes are messages generated by the website to seduce them to react and create traffic. Usually a custumor would send a message (which he pays for) en you would react (which you get paid for). So there is a compensation from the customer. With a poke that is not the case, so that is why there is a set, lower pay for those. Most of the traffic (85 to 90%) is live traffic though.


Paying agent: LAMR
Minimum for payment: 100 euro (monthly, if you have less, it will be rolled over to the next month).
Pay date: first week of the month (can vary due to weekend and holidays)
Quitting: When you quit the job or get fired, amounts below euro 35 can and will not be paid.


The required minimum is 1000 messages monthly. This is free lance work. In fact that means the moment you start answering clients in a new month, you automatically indicate you accept the freelance assignment for that month. If you do not fulfill that assignment we will close your account and will not offer you a new assignment for 1 month (first time, second time is 2 months and so on). Please note the system uses UTC Universal time.
Although you can work anytime you like 24/7 we are sure you will understand every company is looking for employees who more or less spread the work over a month. So there are a couple of rules:
- Being absent for more than 7 days, without prior notifiication: this will be considered as leaving the job and your account will be closed.
- Since the minimum is 1000, you are bound to process about 250 messages weekly.
- In the event of a too great deviation from this, the company reserves the right to close your account.
- In case you can't work for a while, you can simply contact a supervisor. This is needed when you are not able to work for a week or more, with a maximum of 4 weeks. You can only do so with a start- and end date of your leave. Your account will be temporarily inactivated and your target will be changed accordingly with 35 messages a day. Example: your leave is 10 days, your target is 1000 - 350 = 650.
Same applies if you just started and did not start at the beginning of the month: say you started the tenth and it is April (30 days), you start counting from the next day 11th = 20 days * 35 messages, your target is 700.
- You can't request for a leave shorter than one week, your target remains 1000.
- If you have less than your target at the end of the month, your account will be closed on the next check.
- You can't request a leave longer than 4 weeks, this will be seen as leaving the job. See also 'unsubscribe' down below.


LAMR is a legit company and therefore they only use business banking. They are located in the Netherlands , which is part of Europe and pay only in Euro.
It is your own responsibility to provide us with a working bank account to be able to get paid. Make sure all your details are correct, don't make a typo in your account number. Make sure you don't have a limited (student) account and check if you can receive Euro payments with your account to begin with. And make sure that your account is not inactive because you did not use it for a long time. Refunds can be costly because all involved parties (sending, receiving and intermediary banks) can take out a reclamation fee. So make sure everything is in order. Do not ask us questions like can I receive with this account. This can be different for every situation. Ask those questions to the party that should really know the answer: your own bank.
Bitsafe and Wise e-banking accounts can be used.


If you happen to be working from the Netherlands, then next to ID and bank details your date of birth and BSN are also required.
The company is required to report your earnings to the authorities with the IB47 form. This means you should be an official ZZP or have another legal way to report your earnings at the Dutch tax authorities. Payments to European IBAN accounst are free of transfer costs if the country is a full member of the EU.
Transfer costs to other IBAN countries (such as Turkey or Bosnia) are approximately 10 euro, but this can vary.


Freelancers outside the Netherlands are responsible themselves to report their earnings to their local tax authorities.
Transfer costs to countries outside the EU can be quite high, because these involve:
- Sending bank fee
- International transfer fee
- Intermediary bank fee
- Receving bank fee
- Possible currency exchange loss
We are very sorry, but we can not tell you how much it will be in your case. We know the international standard transfer fee is 12 euro at the moment. And the company can see the charges from the sending (their) bank. Those are 10 euro minimum but can be higher with higher amounts.
The rest of the costs are unknown to us or the company to begin with. Intermediary banks can be free with smaller amounts, or just 5, but depends on which bank is involved and the mutual deal banks have and we don't even know which bank the intermediary bank is. It can differ per country as well.
The only thing we can tell you, is that a transfer (everything included) will cost you like 35 euro on average, but that said a country like the Philippines is usually less (for most banks) and for some countries/banks like in Nigeria or Jamaica it can even be higher.
A possible solution you might want to look into is a (Dutch) online banking account from Bitsafe. Even though tat will still cost you 25 euro to transfer money to your local account (international transfer are simply expensive, we can't help that), it gives you the opportunity to only transfer money when you need it, so you can save in the account and transfer less often. Plus transfering money from the company to your Bitsafe account is free, because it is Dutch IBAN.

Something else that is important. If you would ever visit the Netherlands (like on a holiday) you are not allowed to work during your stay. The moment you are in the Netherlands and work for a Dutch company and get paid to a foreign account, this is considered to be tax fraud, so if you do not live in The Netherlands but we see you are working with a Dutch IP, your account will be closed immediately.
On the other hand, if you live abroad (for instance Jamaica) and you have a bank account anywhere else in the world, even if it is in the Netherlands, or an online banking account, this is not a problem and allowed.

No matter where you live and no matter in what country your have your bank account, it should always be in your own name and in line with the name on your valid ID. Payments to another person are forbidden by law! So do not bother asking if we can pay your money to your friend, colleague, family member and so on, the answer is NO!


ABChat requires a good quality. No one is perfect, bBut there is a limit to the number of mistakes you can make of course. Also they expect you to pick up on things. The supervisors are there to help you when you have questions and to point out the mistakes you made, but they are not there to spend their time on people that keep making the same mistakes over and over again. You get a manual, an intake, a training, you can ask questions, but in the end it is up to you if you take it serious. This is a high paid job, we expect you to be professional and take it serious.
To avoid typos and incorrect spelling you can use a spelling checker in your browser. To avoid grammar mistakes you can install grammarly.


So, non rota means you can work anytime you please. 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. But it still does not mean you can just work one month and skip the next without informing the company. In fact your assignment is tacitly renewed every month. If you are not able to work the next month, just inform us before the new month starts.

And yes of course there are exceptions, we know you can't know up front on which day you will give birth to your baby for instance. But then again, this does not count if you never even told us that you are pregnant to begin with. Regular things however, like when you will have a very busy week, need to pass your exams or will be moving to your new home, you do know up front. This is adult work, for adult people, a paid job. That requires a professional attitude from both sides and not only from the company. Also 1000 messages is just a minimum requirement. We are looking for people who can at leats do that, even if they have a busy week. There is plenty of traffic to make way more. We are NOT interested in people who take on the job and come up with all kind of excuses after thy can't.

You can unsubscribe for a maximum period of 4 weeks (1 month) withoust losing your account, no matter the reason, if you think you will be too busy to work . This does however require that you notify the company with an end- and start date (so last day you will be working and first day you will be working again).

So in fact, you are complete free in what you do. When you work, if you do all the work in just one day, everything on the weekend, or the opposite, during the week. If you work the next week or you skip the next week, it is all completely up to you. You can even skip a month.
But you need to inform us and you must make your target.

In case you stay away without notifying the company in time, or you did notfy the company, but don't show on your start date without any further notification (in time) or in case you do not meet the target (and there was sufficient traffic), then this will be seen as not fulfilling your free lance assignment and your account wil be closed. Also we will not be offering you any work for one full month. After this period you can apply again, but there is no work guarantee. When you repeat to fail to meet your assignment the second time we will not offer you work for 2 months, then 3 and so on.
In case you want to unsubscribe for more than one month, this is seen as ending the job. You can apply whenever you want again in the future, but there will be no work guarantee.
In case you do not show anymore without any further notification at all within a week after you should have worked or in case your account is disabled for lack of quality or violating the rules, we will not offer you any job for 3 months the first time, 6 months the second time and so on.
In all of the above stuations you will still be paid (as long as possible considering the amount). However if your account is closed for abuse, you will not be paid. Abuse is: telling clients it is fake, trying to steal clients, asking clienst contact information or sending them contact information and so on.


Use the button to sign up. The form consists of a few personal questions, followed by the test questions. All fields are required, if you fail to fill in a field, you will not be able to submit the form. Your test is your job application. It will be forwarded by us to the relevant company.

As soon as we receive the results, we will inform you if the company wants to hire you, or not. We will do so by e-mail, so please make sure you enter your correct e-mail address.  
Depending on the settings in your e-mail account, our e-mail may also end up in your spam box. So keep an eye on that. If you have not received your results within a week, please contact us by e-mail.

If you are hired, the following conditions apply:

  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You have an active bank account in your own name. (Bank accounts in someone elses name will not be accepted. Registering with a fake name therefore will make your application invalid).
  • You have a valid and official ID (such as a passport, driving license or ID card) which at least states your name and date of birth.
  • You have a Skype account (not necessary for the work itself, but to stay in contact with the manager, supervisors and so on. You will only need the messenger function of Skype, you will never be asked to call or cam).

If you do not meet these conditions, registering is of no use.

Important: please note this company hires worldwide but so the manager and supervisors may be from total different time zones. When making appointments make sure to check with them what time they are talking about and compare that to your own current time.

If you are hired and there is an account available for you, we will contact you for an intake conversation. We will take a look at your application for possible improvements and provide you with the necessary information and contact addresses. Then you will be forwarded to one of the supervisors to make an appointment for training.

Even if you are not hired, you will receive an e-mail from us. We often get a reply, asking whether we can send feedback. The answer is: no we cannot. Your test is an application at a company. Not a test for college.

Feedback to improve will be given to those who are hired. Let's say, for instance, a company hires 20% of the applicants. So on every 1000 applications they would need to write and e-mail feedback to 800 people. Not only would that take a tremendous amount of time, but it would also cost a lot of money. After all supervisors are paid employees, they don't work for free. Besides that, they don't even have the time for it, they are busy training and assisting the 200 people that got hired.


Yes you can, but not right away, there must at least be one month in between. Whether or not you are hired, may be due to a number of factors.
Most companies only hire people because someone leaves or gets fired.
They may need just 3 people and get 40 applications. Of course they will hire the ones who did best.
But 2 months after, that same company may grow and get more incoming traffic. They may get only 25 applications that month, but need 15 people extra. So then you have a much better chance to be hired.

Also, we offer work from multiple companies. So if you are not hired, you can always try one of the other companies.


This is freelance work. This means that you are always responsible for declaring your income with the tax authorities in your country.

You are not in permanent employment and the company therefore does not issue employer statements.

To be able to do this work properly, you obviously need to have access to a number of things such as a properly working laptop or desktop PC with accessories, a stable and not too slow internet connection, a properly working modem and a reliable power supply.

These are required tools for the job, the failure of these things can never be used as an excuse for not doing your job.

You are also expected to have a healthy dose of self-knowledge. If you take on work, then you also have time for it. It is a job, you have to plan it. Other things you have to do in your life, you plan around your scheduled hours.

Freelance or not, it's real work at a real company and you get paid for it in real money. This implies that you follow the rules, which you agree to when you take on the job.