World Online Work! Ltd. (WOW!) is a chamber of commerce registered online recruitement agency.
We do not take part in, nor own or co-own any of the companies or websites for which we place job advertisements, nor do we provide any content or software used by these companies.
We only seek, test and recruit people world wide who are looking for an online job and search and find companies that need employees for their online tasks and connect them. We do not decide who gets hired or not, we go by the results we receive from the company you signed up with.
In those cases where WOW! acts as paying agent for the employees, we only do so as in 'forwarded payments', as a free service on a non-profit basis. This means you are never a WOW! employee and we do not provide invoices, only weekly or monthly overview statements. You always are and remain an employee of the hiring party you signed up with.

WOW! is not a studio, but a recruiting agency. We do not have access in any way to, nor do we screen in any way, the (quality of) the work of any employee hired via WOW! We do not hire nor fire any employees. Screening the quality of your work and deciding if you will get hired or fired is and will always be the responsibility of the company that hired you (or in person the handling agent, manager, coach or other persons who are employed by the relevant company and ar designated to carry out these tasks).

WOW! does not involve in other hiring parties such as studio's, sub studio's, agents or other intermediairies, nor do we forward any employees via such parties. It is not possible to sign up via WOW! as such parties or via other third parties. We only forward applications to companies from individuals that apply for a job and only after receiving valid identification and proof of having a valid bank account with the same name.

All rules, terms and conditions on our website are provided by the hiring companies. Please note these are to inform you in general with enough information to be able to apply. They can be due to changes or may be incomplete. When you get hired by a company, make sure you always ask for the current and complete set of rules, terms and conditions.

We will advertise job opportunities on a random basis on our home page for free, only for the companies we already hire for. If we do not work for your company and you would like to advertise on our home page, please contact us for details and pricing.

If you are looking for employees and would like to know more about our advertising campaigns and other possibilities, please send us an e-mail with your company details, contact(s) and wishes.

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We have a database of thousands of people, who want to do online work. You need someone for your helpdesk? Employees to answer your incoming traffic? Professional psychic and spiritual workers? Profile writers or website promoters?
We will advertise your job through our media channels, make you an entry on our website with a contact form, set up a test to check their quality of work if required and promote your job in our weekly e-mails to our followers.
Do you want to make your offer stand out even more? We can make you a special offer blog post on our homepage!
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