To apply you need to be a native Italian speaker.
To apply, send an email to:

We will be needing the following details:
► Your email address
► Your Skype address (NOT your skype name, but the unique Skype handle please)
► A copy of your valid official ID
► Your full IBAN and BIC code
► Your name (as known to your bank)
Regular bank accounts, or e-bank accounts like WISE or BITSAFE (as long as you have the option to receive euro payments from a regular Dutch bank).
Bank account must be in the same name as your ID.
In case you are living or residing in the netherlands, you must have a Dutch working and residence permit and BSN.
If you live in Italy or another EU country, you can just apply with your Italian ID.
In case you have a bank account outside the EU, we need your full name, address, city, zip code as known to your bank.
If you are a native from Italy, but you live in a country outside the EU, you can only apply
- with an valid ID from Italy in combination with your Italian address
- with a local valid ID and address of the country you live in which proves you are legally residing there and permitted to work

We do not hire groups or studio's.

Questo è un lavoro italiano

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